hi! i'm bernice. thanks for visiting me online.

it's been a while since we (that is me and my little brother, hamilton) have been doing any updates, but it's not like we weren't busy thinking up some new stuff to tell you guys about. it's kinda hard fitting in all this going to school stuff and watching the latest scary movies and going to halloween conventions. speaking of which, i want to do a shout out to all our fiends - oops, sorry - all our FRIENDS - that we saw at Halloween Extreme in Orlando this past Memorial Day weekend! it was a blast seeing everyone from Distortions Unlimited, Blackjack Creature Company, Legends Dark Amusements, and meeting makeup artist Andy Wright, of Makeup and Creative Arts and the illustrator, Nathan Szerdy. i have lots of new links for you on my favs page, so check out the latest and greatest halloween folks in the biz.

we also learned about this new guy - he's called the krampus! (sounds like what happens to hamilton when he's had too much candy corn) but really, he's this guy who is supposed to watch you during christmastime and if you're really naughty he throws you in a sack and takes you to the "bad place" (you know the one i mean). i guess he's been around for a long time, but i've never heard of him before. but then, santa kind of takes over the christmas season, so maybe the krampus just had bad p.r. or whatever.

then again, maybe he's just shy.

so, dont' forget to check out my interview to find out more about me and of course, read my comics! if you're hungry for a halloween snack and you ran out of candy corn, take a look at my recipes. and i'd love to hear what you're going to be for halloween this year, so write to us. i want to hear all about it!

happy halloween!

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